College Admissions

Consulting Services

Getting your child accepted to a very competitive school can be quite a challenge.

Our expert consultants have years of experience in helping families navigate the college

admissions application process. Many selective schools have acceptance rates less than

10%. It is essential that when your child submits their application it portrays them in the

best possible light.

How we help your child get accepted to their dream school

Research and identify relevant schools that would be the right fit to apply to

Evaluate and list which extracurricular activities would be beneficial to your application

Guidance on when to take standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT

Advice on how to prepare for on campus interviews

Review, edit and provide feedback on how to make your personal statement more compelling

Recommendations on which scholarship opportunities to consider

Education you on how to maximize your chance of receiving financial aid

Feedback on what summer activities would be helpful to participate in

Provide guidance on which letters of recommendation would be most useful

Let our expert college admissions consultant help your

child stand out among all the other applicants.